Monday, September 24, 2007

new haircut

so i have wanted to cut Monica's hair for awhile and she always said no so did her dad well on Saturday i out ranked her dad because she said yes she wanted to cut it like this so its her hair right besides i do not see her dad fighting with her every morning while trying to get the tangles out. she has not always had curly hair she had straight hair with a little wave in it until last summer i cut it to her shoulders and man did it get curly well Saturday the same thing happened i bet i cut off 6 to 8 inches and no one has notice the haircut they ask me if she got it permed now the sides are straight and the back is curly you cant tell in the photo very well because i let it dry without doing anything to it so it is a little frizzy oh well sorry for all the detail i guess it's just my nature.

please read the post below first

here she is watching tv someone please tell me why this is a good idea?

Were's JaySea

so after looking for JaySea the other day this is where i found her can you find her

cleaning her room

so have you ever told your children to go clean their room and gone in to check on them and found them like this?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

were has the past two weeks gone

so i have not been on here in a while so lets see what all has happend in my life my baby turned 3 . monica lost another tooth her 5th one the string was the sorce of it coming out this time with out a fight it was all her idea and i dont know about you guys but the first tooth she lost i gave her 3$ and a toy the 2nd tooth she made 5$ because her dad broke part of it with the pliers he was useing to jerk it out with. so we felt bad for her then the next one she lost on a night were we only had a 10$ and forgot about the tooth untill way to late to go get change so she is now getting 10$ per tooth bad idea... how do we fix it she wouldnt know what to do if the price of theeth went down. JaySea started school yes thank god for sonshine school mommies day off we also got rid of the bassett my step-brother took it and gave me 80$ to replace him we did with a mini doxie he is so cute JaySea wanted to name him Abraham but we decide on diego dog which i have been told diego is little boy in spanish i dont know so i think his name is little boy dog... well your all up to date with the O'Neal's i will try not to wait so long next time.....