Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday First....

well I havent updated since being in Oklahoma we had a great time even  got to get in on the blizzard of 09!!! I have a few photos to upload from our trip. things are starting to look up here for us. Monica has even said that she LIKES  it here report cards come out on monday and Im pretty sure that she is going to have a "C" I dont know if I should punish her or not I know that she has had a hard time adjusting and it is different at a new school any help would be nice and your thoughts too.

JaySea lost her First Tooth Wen. Night and I must say she looks great!!  heres the photos from are trip and a few other things I started this on Friday night it is now Saturday and Im enjoying time alone Jay has taken the girls to Disney with out me...I like this because 1 I hate large groups of people 2 I get to enjoy me time tonight after work I got a pedicure picked up a sandwich and am laying here in bed watching a movie and blogging I love my life!

This photo is the photo that was taken the night I dropped my camera and broke it!

This is the snowman that Jay and I built in the snow!

the christmas morning loot!

the nighty that my mother in law got me for christmas! weird!

the girls the very first time that they went to disney!!