Thursday, March 18, 2010


this is the girls bath room sorry I thought I could fix the photo after I uploaded it.. this is monicas roomThis one is JaySea's RoomThis is the Play room ClosetThis is the playroom AKA hotel O'NealLiving RoomFormal DinningMaster BathKitchenLaundry RoomThis is Jay taking my Vaccum Apart the smoke is the dust from the vaccum? these Trees are the ones we just got I like them we also got some fruit trees
well I have photos of the house to put up I think I only put up the ones before we moved in well recently Jay did some panting a few weeks ago  he has  also enlarged some photos and put them up on the walls and just the otherday we went to the nursery and got some palm trees so Jay has planted them in the yard. Last night after I was done vaccumming Jay Decided that it was way to loud so he took it apart very scary I was worried it would  never go back together well it did but it is still  loud....hum kinda of random heres the photos....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I asked for some company the other day well im getting it...On March the 20th my mother and father in law along with my grandmother in law and my husbands aunt and uncle are flying out here and staying untill March 30th they will then take my children home with them untill April 5th when my sister in law will then fly back out here with my children and stay untill April 12th. then On May the 11th my oldest neice will fly out and stay untill May the 25th. then on June 6th my mom will come out with hopefully my dad and stay a week and again return to oklahoma with my kids then im not sure how their getting home but they will be on summer vacation by then so they can stay as long as they it should be a busy few weeks. we went to the zoo for the first time the other day here are some photos of that also Im learning to corchet so I can start a "threads of compassion" here in my neighborhood should be a good way to make friends... Ill let you know how that goes here are a few of my fav photos!!
this is the first one i made.

jay was not happy with this bird he was worried what would happen to his shirt.

Monday, March 1, 2010


So no one has been out to florida in I think it is time we have plenty of room and everyone is welcome to come... in the mean time it is starting to warm up again and little sprigs green grass is starting to pop up. everyone here complains that it is the coldest winter that they have had in awhile..if that is true I cant wait untill next year as I did not find this year to be that bad.. Im having a ruff patch at work this week I think their are about to be some major changes Im really hoping not and will keep you posted to how it all works out!
here are some photos from the past few weeks..
This is our Kitten I love her she is the best!!

This is Jay's Birthday cake..hey it was the only candle i could find!
I dont think she gymnastics is her thing!!

doesnt she look cute with her missing theeth?

Daddy dance at monica's school
would you stop taking so many photos already!

she was not going to go unless she had a crown I was informed!!

having a hair stylist mother sometimes has its perks cost of updo for dance free!!

boy that was a lot of photos sorry....