Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Random because i skipped last Thursday and I can

Okay so it has been a few days since i posted anything lets see what all i have done in that time... Dropped my phone in a glass of milk I know how do you do this? you may ask well i was sitting in my recliner sideways I always do this i had a glass of milk between my legs (it was a coffee cup) and i put my phone on my knee and in a min or two it fell off of my leg and into the milk it sucked but I got a really cool new phone the G1... its great. we have decided that we are going to live in a condo for the summer while we look for a house it is so hard to pick over the Internet and i think it would be wise to look when we get their the good news is i will not go back to work until the end of summer which is nice me and the girls can spend the summer on the beach... I had a garage sale!!! i made a 170$ and I'm having another one this weekend... we only have 5 weeks left at mrcc until we leave this makes me sad!!! okay this is my Random Tuesday!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thursday

Notice how I only post on Thursday these days!! well we are really busy we still have not found a house yet we have a few in mind just have not picked yet we also have not decided on what to do with are current home one day were going to sell it the next he wants to rent it... who knows what will happen we painted the cabinets last night i cant post a photo as i have lost the charger to my camera Jay is less than pleased about this!!! ( I think I tossed it in the trash oops) We are moving in less than 6 weeks when i say it like this i feel very over whelmed but its true I'm giving my testimony 5 times in the month of May ( man that's a lot) I did not get a lot of comments the other day so i know that you guys will go ahead and post some this week I know my life is not really interesting but if you stop by please let me know!! also if you are any kind of teacher or if you are bothered by poor spelling and run on sentences then you have to stop reading my blog!! Grammar was never my thing come to think of it school was never my thing! I guess i should get ready for work before I'm late I'm so ready for school to be out!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

here it is my Thursday Love!!!

I AM a bad speller in case you did not notice... I'm very excited to be leaving this state that never knows what the temp is going to be and were the WIND is crazy like it is here.
also wished deep down for a fire to burn my house ( oh come on i wouldn't have to move it) plus I could get all new stuff (PS we were not home while i was wishing that and if you or someone you know lost a house tonight I'm truly sorry for you. anyway more Random things at JaySea's school for like the past month they have been having passover services now this is all strange to me and I do not understand it all and i am sure it is done in the most meaningful way however i do not agree with it but did take their Communion which by the way IS NOT GRAPE JUICE!!! however i find it very tasty and would like to ask the priest what the brand and flavor is so i can pick some up for myself however i do not believe that would be nice can you see me "EXCUSE ME FATHER I WAS JUST WONDERING WHAT IS THE BRAND OF WINE YOU USE, YES THAT CORRECT I'M CHURCH OF CHRIST" well that is all the randomness i have for this fine Thursday evening hope you and your families are safe from the fires