Saturday, October 25, 2008

she won first place

i cant believe it Monica won first place in her grade for the cake decorating contest who knew she had it in her ( or me for that matter) she did help but i did do most of the work.. i had the hardest job of all cleaning up the mess!!! their is a photo of the cake in the last post but felt like i should post another one her dad was a little upset because i made him buy the cake back from the bake sale the school had it cost 10$ he did not understand why he had to pay for a cake he was the original owner of!!!! for winning she got her all of her stuff at the fall festival for free.. ( which would have been 10$ the cost of the cake) but the joy was in her winning and how excited she was so here is the other photo of the cake (it was really tasty) you just have to brush your teeth after the black icing stains bad!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

parkhurst pumpkin patch and other stuff

today jaysea had her first Field trip it was fun... yesterday at work when asking if they had a yearbook at the school i was told no but if i wanted to be in charge of putting one together fill free and they would pay for it so their are also some photos of the kids around the school....also the cake we made for the cake contest at orvis risner what do you think!! i also agree with Gene i need comments!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

cheetah Girls and Port Aransas

well i was a little sad that we would not be doing anything for fall break and then low and be hold Jay has a friend who is a DJ in Dallas Texas who called and said that he could get us some tickets to go see these girls so thank you uncle Bobby your the best... then jays family goes to port aransas for a week so we decided since we were going to Dallas we would just go down on Friday and then go back up to Dallas on Monday then drive home so it should be fun.......