Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of school, Memorial Day and the start to summer

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day we just stayed around town with gas prices who can afford anything else? Monica is now a third grader it just makes me so sad.... here are some photos from the last few weeks i think i may have got my camera figured out. and I like it

Friday, May 16, 2008


so the new blog is up if you want to check it out i will not blog their often just to update stuff with Monica and maybe as she gets older she can use it as a release for how she fills about her thumbs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new blog

I have been inspired to start a blog about Monica and her illnesses Last night I got a phone call from my best friend who said that she had seen on news 9 a story about a little girl who had hands like Monica Turns out it was not a story but it was a integris medical minute it gave the little girls name and her mothers name i went strait to myspace and typed it in and found the mother they live here local her and my self spent a sometime on the phone this afternoon and we are going to let the girls meet each other and hopeful they will become friends for years to come.. Keira has some other things going on besides the hypo plastic thumbs but she seams to be a survivor her mother has written a book about her. since the very beginning of all of this with Monica i have wished their was another mother i could talk with for support and a mentor for Monica i can not tell you how excited iam to have the ability to talk with this mother and her child and i hope that i can be a inspiration to her and Monica to her daughter. i will let you know when i get the new blog up i want it to be a place where other mothers can find hope with dealing with this and see just how normal their child's life may end up being

Mothers Day when i remember what a good husband i have

I told Jay that I wanted a new camera for Mothers Day a few weeks ago. so after not speaking all weekend (that's a different story ) i figured that i would be getting nothing for Mothers Day but after making up on Sunday Morning very early or late Saturday which ever Jay got up gave the girls baths made them breakfast and dressed them for church after church we went to his moms for lunch were he made the kids plates then off to my moms after we left my moms he asked if i wanted to go to best buy to get a camera which I love. but after fighting all weekend i fell truly blessed to have such a loving and wonderful husband that i more than should take advantage of. he is a great supporter he does a great job taking care of us it is because of him that i get to stay home with his children. most husbands would have not bought their wives something after she acted like their 3 year old all weekend i guess that's just part of being married! Thanks honey for all you do for me and the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SonShine School and Most embarrassing moment

so most of you who read my blog were their so i guess i don't need to do any explaining but in my defense she does not like pantie hose and i guess i should have left them off of her because that is what she was doing was messing with her pantie hose she does know after are very long talk that you do not show your panties at church and that i was upset with her but the rest of the program was really cute and every ones kids did a great job I'm sad that JaySea will not be with her friends next year but that's okay she will meet back up with them in first grade well she will be with Reagan and Avery but luckily she will see them at church anyway i should get some rest I'm sure i will get a call from the elders tomorrow about appropriate behavior

I dislike storms!!!!

Monica found the hell bouncing very funny!

so anyone who knows me very well at all knows that I'm terrified of storms if Gary is on I'm glued to the TV i grew up on Gary their for i fill that he is the best in the whole wide world he is the God of the weather i think that God calls him up and says hey Gary we have storms coming and this is how it is going down... so if Gary England dies i will be at his funeral! so yesterdays storm came a little to close for my comfort level now that i have children i do have to maintain myself this sometimes is hard to do I'm thankful that Jay was home or it would have been a lot worst we were in are safe area which is our bedroom it is the only room in the house that does not have a massive amount of windows or exterior walls.......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

field trip and soccer party all in one day!!!

today Monica's class took a trip to the zoo we had a lot of fun i did not ride the bus with her made that mistake last year so i picked up Nana and we met them their. once i found her her teacher asked me if i just wanted to check her out so i did then we did not have to stay with the group that was nice we just went at are own pace.. Did you know that we have bears at the okc zoo now Ive always heard that we did i just had never seen them!! so here's the photos from today.