Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blog spam

i have been getting alot of blog spam so i have changed my settings again i think that you can still leave comments (i think) if not please let me know in a email and i will try to fix it!! have a blessed weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

photos from the wizzard of oz musical

here are the photos that i said i would post from monica's musical she did a really good job..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

were have we been??????

well let see we went to see the globetrotters it was fun the girls had a good time we found a baby bird and have been taking care of him or her!! Soccer JaySea made 4 goals in one game i was so proud of her Monica has been playing for 4 years and has only ever got one goal! so it looks like JaySea will be the soccer player. Monica was in a musical Pitchers of that to follow soon when i get them! some photos of JaySea being silly I'm so glad that the musical is over and school too. I'm filling better about the scoliosis's her appt. with that is on May the 7th so keep us in your prayers that it all goes well i signed the girls up t-ball/softball it starts in June. here's all the photos. sorry they are not so good i need a new camera so i have been taking photos with my phone!! oh yeah we keep glue traps down in the garage and lastnight i found this very unwanted guest!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

comments and sorry

i did not know i changed it so no one could leave comments sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should be fixed now

Thursday, April 10, 2008

God's Little Challanges

So you grow up meet the man of your dreams get married have kids and live happily ever after..... until god decides otherwise. As some of you may know Monica has hypoplastic thumbs on both hands her left is much worst than her right and the 2 arm bones in her left arm are fused together. no big deal she gets along just fine the hardest thing is the kids at school this year has been better than last year but their has still been some name calling and things. She will have surgery this summer to straighten out her thumb a little more. She has been having these headaches that cause vomiting so i took her to the doctor on Monday he said just to watch the headaches and see what happens but while i was their i asked if he thought that we should do a full body e-ray just to see what else may be going on with her bones so we did he called yesterday to tell me that she has scoliosis it is only 12 degrees right now but he wants her to go to a ortropedic surgeon and see what we need to do i know that this could be alot worst then it is so I'm grateful for that i'am angry that this could end up being just one more thing that she has to deal with in her life time i don't know right now what the treatment will be or how bad it is or will get I'm thinking that they will just want to watch it and see for right now see what happens I'm just trying to be positive but i do keep thinking the worst maybe its so i can handle it when they tell me the worst just pray for her and her ability to handle it and deal with it and not to see it as a sat back and to know that she is perfect just the way god made her....... I just dont understand why god puts so much on us and maybe i'm not supposed to understand and maybe I'm just supposed to trust in him and know that he will take care of it and that everything happends for the glory of god and i'm sure it is all some plan of his but its hard to trust when you dont know

Saturday, April 5, 2008

11 years today

My father had skin like leather hands like steel from a lifetime spent in the cottonfields though he'd come home tired and dirty almost every night he found the strength to smile at me and hold my mama tight while that old transistor radio would play the opry out in the hall I'd sit and watch their shadows glide across the wall
and they'd dance to a Dixie lullaby picture of love beneath the southern sky oh my what a beautiful life just like a Dixie lullaby
i left home at 18 in a hand me down Chevrolet packed my mamas goodness and my old mans stubborn ways it was college, work, and love then the babies came the youngest ones got his granddaddy's name and in the early morning hours when my children could not sleep.I'd rock them in my arms to a simple beat
and id sing them a Dixie lullaby hush baby don't you start to cry oh my what a beautiful life just like a Dixie lullaby
my father was a mountain of a man that was the description that i gave the morning that we laid him in his grave there with my mama by his side, we said our last goodbye to a man we thought would never die as i stood there in the fields of amazing grace oh how the tears ran down my face.
and i sang him a Dixie lullaby well meet again, by and by oh my what a beautiful life just like a Dixie lullaby oh my what a beautiful life just like a Dixie lullaby
this is a song by pat green that i just love i cant listen to it because it makes me cry everytime.
losing a parent at so young in life is hard you fill robbed and cheated their is so much he missed he died 1 month before i graduated high school he did not get to walk me down the asile he missed the births of my children and the joys of being their granddaddie (sometimes im happy he missed this part. they are too spoiled as it is) my greatest fear in life is dying and leaving my children. this morning jay and i was talking about a friend of our whos father is dying and jay said well maybe thats the way you want them to go . death is never easy no matter how old or sick my father would have been 43 on his birthday 3 weeks after he died he had never been ill he just had a massive heart attach i chose this way because he called from work said he did not fill well and was coming home told me he loved me and then talked to my mother and told her the same and never made it home I'm so greatful that i did not have to watch him suffer and it was peaceful. yes their were things i would have loved to tell him like how much i loved and respected the fact he raise me like his own and how i was greatful to have him in my life and how noone would ever replace him (not even my real father) but you know he knows all of that now and he is a part of his grandchildrens lifes hes their gardian angel.....

Daddy I Miss You!!!!

well on April 5Th 1997 my whole life changed forever the man who raised me from the time I was 3 until the day he died,was gone and he would not be coming back. he was not a perfect man but he did the best he could and made sure that i did not want for anything him and my mother were married divorced and remarried during the time that they were divorced he paid child support and made sure that i was taken care of. I remember spending spring break with him and not my real father. he was raised in North Carolina and came to Oklahoma in the early 80's only to go visit once I never met his family until after he had passed. when he passed away we did not have medical insurance, life insurance and he was are main source of income so this left my mother having to take loans to have a funeral so after 11 years we finally got a head stone for his grave. I'm so grateful that we were able to do this i fill the need to explain the photos I'm about to post he was from a different times than today and he was raised in the south so rebel flags where not uncommon so we always fly a rebel flags at his grave it is not a racist thing i promise! these are the words to a Alan Jackson song that really makes me think of my dad every time i hear it i wish i could tell you that death gets easier but i don't think it does their is not a day that goes by that i do not think of him and miss him dearly i just simply cope....

Born the middle son of a farmer And a small town Southern man Like his daddy's daddy before him Brought up workin' on the land Fell in love with a small town woman And they married up and settled down Natural way of life if you're lucky For a small town Southern man First there came four pretty daughters For this small town Southern man

Then a few years later came another A boy, he wasn't planned Seven people livin' all together In a house built with his own hands Little words with love and understandin' From a small town Southern man Chorus:

And he bowed his head to Jesus And he stood for Uncle Sam And he only loved one woman(He) was always proud of what he had He said his greatest contribution Is the ones you leave behind Raised on the ways and gentle kindness Of a small town Southern man(Raised on the ways and gentle kindness)(Of a small town Southern man)

Callous hands told the story For this small town Southern man He gave it all to keep it all together And keep his family on his land Like his daddy, years wore out his body Made it hard just to walk and stand You can break the back But you can't break the spirit Of a small town Southern man
(Repeat Chorus)

Finally death came callin' For this small town Southern man He said it's alright 'cause I see angels And they got me by the hand Don't you cry, and don't you worry I'm blessed, and I know I am' Cause God has a place in Heaven For a small town Southern man

(Repeat Chorus)

their is another one called Dixie lullaby ill post it someother time i think i have to do a new post for the photos its not letting me upload them okay i got them i painted the flags on the front my self and the poem thing on the back i used to always by him on hats and bummber stickers since he was my step-father! sorry for the long post