Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so do you remember Logan's road house? their used to be one in Edmond but then it changed to santa fe then it just closed forever and just so you know santa fe is not the same (they are owned by different company's. some states still had them and i forced my family to go any time we seen one. so driving in Midwest city the other day i noticed a Logan's the glory be to god! it is also in the same shopping center as a santa fe roadhouse so don't get confused. so i made jay take me their i was very happy to find one so close to home well while inside we noticed on the menu that on Monday and Tuesday you can get 2 meals for 12.99 and kids meals are only 2.00 this is a great price we thought so we tried it out last night i had a 6oz steak baked potatoes and a salad. Jay had chopped steak sweet potatoes and salad. the kids had steak bites salad and we all had Dr.pepper but jay he always has water. total ticket after tip was 28.00 $ before the tip it was only 21.86 that is a great deal here is the link to their web site

Saturday, September 6, 2008

first soccer game and friends wedding

I had my first soccer game today it was fun the 4 year olds are great not sure i could do much older (they might know i have no clue what im doing) i think we tied not real sure. we also went to a wedding today this family is amazing and will be great together they are two of the sweetest people..

Friday, September 5, 2008

wow where does all my time go?

my job is going good i really like it although i do have something else maybe in the works.. I'll talk about it at a different time so i don't blow my chances. JaySea had a good birthday and a busy one too she started school and soccer Which I'm coach we have our first game tomorrow who signed me up again? we also had to go out to dinner for her birthday her and Monica both wanted to eat were they could be sung too. here are a few photos from the past few weeks. and I'm still doing good with the smoking i did slip a little the other day during Monica's surgery she is doing good she does get to stay home for the next 3 weeks (oh boy)