Monday, October 19, 2009

The past 2 months and my Life in a nut shell!!

EVER FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS AGAINST YOU? The past few months have just been crazy. As most of you know JaySea was Kicked out of school over her birthday...which just made a huge mess in the way our life's where going. Ill start back at the first day of school. The babysitter I had found quit on the day school started because her kids would be napping during that time. I completely understood but it sucked still. So I enrolled the girls in after-care at their school and everything was going great. Labor Day we went down to Orlando to spend the weekend and have JaySea's Birthday. The Tuesday after Labor Day I got a phone call saying that after that day JaySea would not be aloud to come back to school....WHAT?? It seams like since they let her start that they should have to let her finish so we fought that decision for about 2 weeks. and was later told that if I would have went to early enrollment in the early spring in Oklahoma that they would have taken her....So I found a new sitter who would be able to watch the girls for me lives just down the street has a little girl that was in JaySea's class and A boy monicas age and another 3 year old little boy. sounds to good to be true!!! well every things was going good and then today I got a call saying that she is quitting because JaySea and the youngest boy are not getting along. so now Im looking for a new sitter. monica is having a bad time at school and is not doing her work and I cant stay on top of it because Im always at work. so right now things are not going good please pray for us and me.