Monday, March 31, 2008

photos that JaySea took with my phone!!!!!

she may have a future!!!

i forgot this

Jay's cousin called me last night to go to this web site and this is what i found when i got their

this is a scrapbook page she did on friday at just4keeps and it got put on the website

past week!!!

well we had a pretty busy weekend on Monday i started watching a new kid he is 6 months old he was kind of crabby all week i think he was teething also his grandmother was here until 3 weeks ago i think all she did was hold and feed him!!! here's a photo of him. Monica has a play coming up on April 18th 19th and 20th it is the wizard of oz musical so on Saturday we got up and went to her soccer game this is here 4th year to play we left soccer early and took her to vocal practice while she was their from 10-12 JaySea and I went out yard saling we got a swing and a bouncy seat for Ethan and some outfits for him too...(he was much happier to day) Monica likes to be the Goalie (sp) she did pretty good on Saturday she stopped 2 goals!!! i also forgot that JaySea got the Rabies on Saturday! the photos of JaySea are from her First game it was so cold... Saturday she got a goal!!! Monica has only made one goal in 4 years i hope this is not JaySeas first and only JaySea seams to be a little more aggressive that Monica ever was well that's the last week.. this week i have a big thing coming up on Friday I'm so excited my Father passed away 11 years ago this Saturday and my Mother and I got a headstone for him finally we are going to pick it up and put it at the grave on Friday I'm so excited!! photos to come later!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

spring break

so i always forget my password. we did nothing it was nice the girls went with my sister in law on wed. to kingfisher i guess they have some kind of indoor water park then spent the night with their bamma then to the omniplex on Thurs. then stayed the night on Thurs. with their Nana. they did not come home until late Friday on Saturday we went to Hefner lake and flew kites and biked around the lake we rode all the way from Hefner and the highway to the hideaway pizza on northwest expressway and meridian. JaySea rode in her chair that goes on jays Handel bars but Monica rode the whole way it was 12 miles!!!! Easter we did not do much went to church and home with both sides of the family for lunch i did not take any pictures of anything from the past week... or the soccer games the week before but i will this week...... i also got JaySea enrolled in a pre-k today it is a church school (not church of Christ) its Lutheran(sp) I'm so happy i will be sad to leave sonshine school but they wouldn't put her in the pre-k class this school is m-f from 12-2:30 and has classroom environment. they go from pre-school all the way to 5Th grade. (they also have all day K. YEAH) they other good news is if i send her their then when it is time for 1st grade Edmond had to take her if she has already had pre-k and k..... this turned out to be pretty long sorry have a good week all

Saturday, March 8, 2008

HOME AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

well after a nice long vacation with just the hubby I'm home we had a good time we did not do much we went to city walk,and down town Disney bush gardens, sea world, a new water park it was fun but i think that i may have a small anxiety problem on some of the water slides i started to panic a little not because they were scary just because they were small and dark ??? anyways oh we also went to daytona a few days to bike week it was fun to walk around and see all the bike's here's a few photos of the trip.. soccer starts next weekend JaySea gets to play this time!! should be cute also some photos of Monica's school play to follow in the next few days we missed it but the grandparents made a video of it!!

sorry for all the photos these are just a few