Monday, June 23, 2008

prayers for my mom

so on Friday after VBS I got a call from my mother who had just left the doctors office... she was told that she has several blockages in her heart and some stuff on her thyroid she will be having a angiogram on the 30th and is waiting for a appointment with a cancer doctor. I'm a little worried about this because my Grandmother passed away when she was only 68 years old from heart trouble and my mom's oldest brother died at 55 from the same my mother will be 50 in aug. (I also lost my dad when he was only 42) so I know she is not to young for this to be a worry. not sure how I fill about the Thyroid thing. now for the prayers for my self those of you who know me well know that I do not stay by myself at night I have not for the past 9 years (since Jays and my house was broken into) it just so happens that Jay does not have to be away from home at all but he is away until wen. this is only the second time in 9 years so please pray for my safety and worry about this ( we do own a gun now ) so it is alittle better knowing that. last night as I was trying to go to sleep wondering what the kids and I will do while he is gone I got to thinking that I have never lived by myself I went strait to living with jay out of high school so it is weird to be alone. anyway sorry for the long post but please keep me and my mother in your prayers

Thursday, June 12, 2008

it will be long! so sorry

Okay past few days birthday party and start of blast-ball and baseball! well I had a pretty good birthday I did not get anything cool or exciting because I got it for mothers day so I was out of luck! but I did have ice cream and cake a few times lets see Friday I just hung out with my hubby with no kids always nice. Then on Saturday ( my birthday ) we got up went to breakfast at " Round the Corner" which I love it has that small town fill to it for those of you who do not know where it is. it is in downtown edmond then off to the farmers market then to some yard sales then we tried to go see kung fu panda but they were sold out we were going to the one on MLK and eastern which if you did not know this because i didnt their childrens and early shows are only 3.50 and adults after 6 are only 5.50 so much cheaper than amc. but beware i was poked in the foot by a spring and Jay ripped a shirt on a screw. they did how ever replace his shirt. we went sunday night late. also on Saturday we went to the bible class party in the summit then to my mothers for cake and ice cream. Sunday after church we went to Jay's Moms for lunch and Ice cream. The girls started baseball and blastball tonight was their first practice's and they will have their first games on Monday and Tuesday. should be fun. Monica had her lets have surgery drs appt yesterday and he said that it will be the last of Aug early sept. the bad news is that she will miss 2 maybe 3 weeks at the first of the school year which is no fun. but she really needs the surgery she has a hard time buttoning her pants which this will help so was that long enough. here is some photos from everything their not as cool as my friend deedee's which Im sad about but i should make it if anyone knows how i can do that color accent thing with a dslr please let me know!!!! oh yeah the father daughter tea party too Thanks for the cool photos Nicole. they were great. and the others are of the brick that my parents bought for the grandkids and put at the zoo the funny thing is that my stepdad used to work at the zoo but is retired now and sometimes works their when they need him so he is the one who put these bricks in. he does all of them when they are ordered.. so now the photos again sorry for the long post its been a few days! okay i cant get them to upload sorry i will try later to upload them!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Birthday

So as this week has gone by I have made the choice that this will be my last birthday I will never be thirty the reason why is I don't want too. so I'm pretty sure if I go to bed on June the 6th and I don't wake up until the 8th that i have missed my birthday their for staying the same age forever! Right?