Saturday, May 30, 2009

and even more photos

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the photos

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okay so i have been here for a week now and i haven't posted but man i have been busy first let me start by saying i miss each and everyone of you but, I LOVE FLORIDA!!!!!! so on to the post we left Oklahoma last Saturday AM and headed this away it took a little bit longer than we thought Jays Parents and Aunt and uncle all came with us turns out old people have to pee every 2 hours and when you have that many people with you each stop takes at least 30 min.... so we made it too our new home around 11:00 last Sunday night!! Jan (mother in law) thought it would be cheaper to go to walmart and get air beds instead of getting a hotel room we only needed 2 so it was.... Monday we unpacked the uhaul and for dinner had some burgers and stuff i was making good progress on Monday but seam to slow down later on in the week Tuesday we went to the beach for the first time it was great. Wen. we just went to church oh and my in laws went to the beach with the kids.... Thursday everyone went out site seeing and myself and the girls stayed home.... and on Friday everyone went to the beach and i stayed home makes it nice to be able to put up all the things... I have taken the weekend off... we really like the church and their were folks who remembered us from March!!! I have not been to CR in two weeks and I can so tell... I was hoping to go on Monday however Jays Family is staying until Monday morning which is fine with us but today our best friends called and said they will be here Monday evening and stay until wen. morning... they live in North Carolina and he is in the ARMY and just got home for his R&R. so we should have a busy next few days!!!! as i said we love it here and are happy with the choices we have made!!! here are alot of photos..... the ones of the house are not so good i will take more when i get everything put up!! (may be next year at this rate)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

drowing in a sea of boxes!!!!

packing packing and more packing.... does it ever end? We have had a few going away parties which have been nice it started on Friday with my last day at Cr i shared my testimony for the last time with the people i love the most. I was very emotional i think more so than the first time i shared theirs just something about your last time... then on Sunday we had Lunch with Jays family which was nice his Aunt always has the best ideas she got balloons and cut paper and everyone wrote down their prayers for us and we went outside and said a prayer and released the balloons.. Then on Sunday night we had a whole class BK night at the park the bible class passed around some envelopes and collected a gas fund to help us very nice and one couple gave us a gift card for target new bathroom rugs here i come. Then Monday i enjoyed a great time with just my best girl friends from CR at Ted's it was a great time they also got me some gag gifts. today I have been packing Jay is bringing home the Truck and we will start loading it tomorrow.... also tomorrow we will have dinner with 2 other couples from church. Thursday I'm sharing my Testimony with another church then on Friday we will eat dinner with my family and maybe i can make it to the Friday night Starbucks date :) then it is off first thing Saturday morning i will post photos when we get their.... and I'm sure ill post again before we leave....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOW only 10 days left!!!! Must pack!! must sell!!!

okay Guys you may find this post to be boring but i thought id update you on the O'Neals next few days in the Great state of Oklahoma..... we will start with today

May 13- wait on some realtors, leave at 4:30 to share my testimony

May 14- wait for more realtors, pick Jay up at airport, take monica to schools out bash, jay is having dinner with the guys he works with.

May 15- share testimony again this time at memorial road if you would like to come i would love for you to be thier!!

May 16- have dinner with my parents for my birthday which isnt until June but i will not be here.

May 17- Last Sunday at MRCC Lunch with Jay's whole family after church, BK night O'Neals going away party...

May18- dinner with my CR besties

May 19th- dinner with my old neighbors

May 20- dinner with friends from Church JaySeas last day of school pick up moving Truck

May 21- sharing my testimony again start loading Truck last night in my oklahoma home

May 22- my last night at CR and lots of packing and loading stay night at the in-laws house

May 23- 7:00 am pull out of driveway..... you all will be missed greatly ill keep you posted on how it goes.... here is a photo of the house we are moving too it is not were we wanted to be but it is closer to Jays work and we have all summer to find something else we are looking to buy so this is just a rental it is short term their is not many photos but Jay has seen inside and said it is nice how ever it has all tile floors which is weird....I guess ill have to get some rugs!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay so I just realized my last post was almost the same as the one before it!!! We are leaving very soon May 23 is the day that the truck will be packed and pull out! this is exciting and sad all at the same time!! the reality has really hit home this weekend.... I don't like Goodbyes never have never will I cant process them so if you say something nice to me and I snub you or say Ill see you again please do not take it personal its just my way of coping with all of this it has been a very emotional weekend for me with alot of mixed feelings I want to go I'm excited to go and I cant wait however I'm said to leave all of you guys behind I wish you all could come with me!! I'm nervous about a new church and making new friends! but I'm excited the church is smaller so maybe that will make it easier! I'm also alittle bit scared that we will stop going to church all together with out anyone to hold us accountable to attend, I'm sad about leaving CR and really hope that I find a program to get in quickly.well that's it if your ever in Florida and need a cheap place to stay the night you are all welcome to stay with us at our house! ( wherever that may be)! I just felt like I should release some feelings and let you know why you may feel like the words you say to me are not taken to heart trust me they are!! I just cant process it(with out crying) I cant even type it with out crying!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Garage Sale!!!!!!!

well I had a garage sale last Saturday and did pretty good like 170.00$ ... the neighborhood sale is Saturday so I thought id put my stuff back out today and tomorrow to day i have already made 120$ and I still have a lot of stuff to sale!! Jay got a call on Wednesday from the boss in florida offering him a good area with good stores (2) with a company car... were not sure how much it pays right now because the guy was busy yesterday and told Jay he would call him back this afternoon.... the area is a little further North than we have been looking at but closer to the church we want to go to... we have decided that we are renting a condo for the summer on the beach so we can decided what area we want to live in and the drive time to and from work!! the bad news is if Jay takes this position he will leave much sooner than we thought ( around the 11th) so pray for me as I really struggle with staying alone at night so this is very hard for me and scares me greatly... the girls and I will stay until school is out!! Also we still have not made a choice on what to do with the house here!! however the neighbors moved last weekend so their house is for sale!!!!! everyone have a good weekend!!