Saturday, December 6, 2008


8 Things About Me...

8 TV Shows I Watch
1. Big Brother When its on.
2. Football (I love it)
3. News (local) and sometimes national)
4. Summer's brother-in-law's movie reviews (usually after the fact, on You Tube, sorry Lucas).
5.I have a husband and two kids i really cant ask for more TV time.

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Ted's
2. Zio's
3. In and Out Burger
4. Burger street
5. Logan's Roadhouse
6. cattleman's
7. anything that does not offer a toy with the kids meal
8. Starbucks

8 Things That Happened Today

1. Went to work dealt with a kids bloody nose
2. rearranged the living room for the Christmas Tree
3. took Jay to pick up a car to work on
4. had good fellowship with my Celebrate Recovery Family
5. planned a Christmas Party (Kinda)
6. Talked to my Mom on the phone
7. Facebooked, Myspaced and Blogged stalked
8. Got a really weird phone call from my ex boyfriend from 12 years ago

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary in 3 weeks
2. being lazy this weekend
3. my LHGH meeting on Sunday
4. doing my Christmas shopping and being done
5. getting the Rest of my shipments for Christmas ( i have gotten a package everyday even if they are not my gifts it is still fun to get stuff)
6. My kids sleeping in. In the morning
7. both of my kids Christmas programs at school.
8. going to RefresHER on Tuesday ( It will be Great this is my First One)

8 Things I Wish For
1. My family to be in heaven together
2. My family to be healthy and safe
3. My Husband to keep his Job and to always have what we need
4. to be a good example for my children and teach them the right things
5. To be a inspiration to other sexually abused women (childhood sexual abuse or Adult Rape) which ever it be.
6. For LHGH to be as successful as CR.
7. for my children to find their passions and use them to glorify God
8. for you to come to celebrate recovery just once you may be surprised by the healing you get their

8 People I Tag
1. Christi
2. Michelle
3. Elizabeth
4. Rachel
5. Chelli
6. Dee Dee
7. Heather

And I too LOVED to be tagged gives me something to blog about cant think of things on my own.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

she won first place

i cant believe it Monica won first place in her grade for the cake decorating contest who knew she had it in her ( or me for that matter) she did help but i did do most of the work.. i had the hardest job of all cleaning up the mess!!! their is a photo of the cake in the last post but felt like i should post another one her dad was a little upset because i made him buy the cake back from the bake sale the school had it cost 10$ he did not understand why he had to pay for a cake he was the original owner of!!!! for winning she got her all of her stuff at the fall festival for free.. ( which would have been 10$ the cost of the cake) but the joy was in her winning and how excited she was so here is the other photo of the cake (it was really tasty) you just have to brush your teeth after the black icing stains bad!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

parkhurst pumpkin patch and other stuff

today jaysea had her first Field trip it was fun... yesterday at work when asking if they had a yearbook at the school i was told no but if i wanted to be in charge of putting one together fill free and they would pay for it so their are also some photos of the kids around the school....also the cake we made for the cake contest at orvis risner what do you think!! i also agree with Gene i need comments!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

cheetah Girls and Port Aransas

well i was a little sad that we would not be doing anything for fall break and then low and be hold Jay has a friend who is a DJ in Dallas Texas who called and said that he could get us some tickets to go see these girls so thank you uncle Bobby your the best... then jays family goes to port aransas for a week so we decided since we were going to Dallas we would just go down on Friday and then go back up to Dallas on Monday then drive home so it should be fun.......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


so do you remember Logan's road house? their used to be one in Edmond but then it changed to santa fe then it just closed forever and just so you know santa fe is not the same (they are owned by different company's. some states still had them and i forced my family to go any time we seen one. so driving in Midwest city the other day i noticed a Logan's the glory be to god! it is also in the same shopping center as a santa fe roadhouse so don't get confused. so i made jay take me their i was very happy to find one so close to home well while inside we noticed on the menu that on Monday and Tuesday you can get 2 meals for 12.99 and kids meals are only 2.00 this is a great price we thought so we tried it out last night i had a 6oz steak baked potatoes and a salad. Jay had chopped steak sweet potatoes and salad. the kids had steak bites salad and we all had Dr.pepper but jay he always has water. total ticket after tip was 28.00 $ before the tip it was only 21.86 that is a great deal here is the link to their web site

Saturday, September 6, 2008

first soccer game and friends wedding

I had my first soccer game today it was fun the 4 year olds are great not sure i could do much older (they might know i have no clue what im doing) i think we tied not real sure. we also went to a wedding today this family is amazing and will be great together they are two of the sweetest people..

Friday, September 5, 2008

wow where does all my time go?

my job is going good i really like it although i do have something else maybe in the works.. I'll talk about it at a different time so i don't blow my chances. JaySea had a good birthday and a busy one too she started school and soccer Which I'm coach we have our first game tomorrow who signed me up again? we also had to go out to dinner for her birthday her and Monica both wanted to eat were they could be sung too. here are a few photos from the past few weeks. and I'm still doing good with the smoking i did slip a little the other day during Monica's surgery she is doing good she does get to stay home for the next 3 weeks (oh boy)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

back to school

well monica started back to school today.. she liked it she has homework already JaySea was a little sad because she does not start until Sept. 2nd but she gets to go to work with me until the pre k starts so she likes that. i have photos but im to lazy to go to the car to get the camra so i can upload them maybe later. I do love my job i wish it was just a few more hours a week but what ever and i still have not smoked so i m a non smoker now!!!!!!!! photos to come later!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

made it home

well I have made it home I had a wonderful time with my cr family and fill very blessed to have been givin the chance to go. I'm very excited to get back on track and get some new things going if you are ever in southern california you should go to church at saddleback it is a amazing campus.. i start my new job tomorrow and school starts later this week so their will be more photos to come heres a few from the trip....oh and i stopped smoking while i was gone 5 days in now!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


so i will be going to work in a few days (Aug 18th) I'am excited I think right now it is only 3 and a half hours a day (11-2:30) but may turn into more (9-4) I remember when i decided to stay at home it took me forever to adjust to being at home and now i thank God everyday that i dont have to work and right now i dont have to work i just want to as long as it does not take away from church or my children and my weekends. so with both kids in school what else would i be doing with my time? anyways i'm going to try to get some photos up tonight oh yeah Jay won a camera at work it said up to a 300.00$ value so i cant wait to see what that one is i love the one i got for mothers day but i just want one i can put in my purse and go too hopefully it is a cannon so that it will have color accents!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

still alive just busy thats all

lets see well i know its been awhile we had a good vacation Monica was very excited to see Hannah Montana so was JaySea they wasn't as happy as i thought they would be. we have been playing baseball and blast ball this summer it has been fun to see how much the kids improved since the beginning of the season. we have done lots of fun stuff but most of my photos wont upload because they are too large and i don't know how to fix it. Monica will be 8 tomorrow it makes me very sad. i still remember the first time i seen her and that i knew at that moment love at first sight was very real. and what a amazing god we have. I'm ready for school to start sorta JaySea starts Prek this year scary I know she will be 4 soon. so i will be looking for a job if anyone knows of any? (child care center) or (hair salon). I Just need something where i'm home on weekends and off when the kids are home. who knows also Monica will be having surgery on her hand Sept. the 4th and will miss 3 weeks of school right at the beginning this upsets me because back in march he told me to wait until summer so she would not miss any school so i took her in the week school got out and he said that he could not get her in until Sept why did he not just put her down when we were their in march. stupid if you ask me so that should be fun? ill try to upload some photos. its not working man!!! that makes me mad

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oneal vacation

so we are gone on vacation we are going to go see a hannah montana concert but monica has no clue it will be and spend a few days at a hotel but we are most excited about the concert i think we will be voted the best parents ever! ill let you know how it goes!

Monday, June 23, 2008

prayers for my mom

so on Friday after VBS I got a call from my mother who had just left the doctors office... she was told that she has several blockages in her heart and some stuff on her thyroid she will be having a angiogram on the 30th and is waiting for a appointment with a cancer doctor. I'm a little worried about this because my Grandmother passed away when she was only 68 years old from heart trouble and my mom's oldest brother died at 55 from the same my mother will be 50 in aug. (I also lost my dad when he was only 42) so I know she is not to young for this to be a worry. not sure how I fill about the Thyroid thing. now for the prayers for my self those of you who know me well know that I do not stay by myself at night I have not for the past 9 years (since Jays and my house was broken into) it just so happens that Jay does not have to be away from home at all but he is away until wen. this is only the second time in 9 years so please pray for my safety and worry about this ( we do own a gun now ) so it is alittle better knowing that. last night as I was trying to go to sleep wondering what the kids and I will do while he is gone I got to thinking that I have never lived by myself I went strait to living with jay out of high school so it is weird to be alone. anyway sorry for the long post but please keep me and my mother in your prayers

Thursday, June 12, 2008

it will be long! so sorry

Okay past few days birthday party and start of blast-ball and baseball! well I had a pretty good birthday I did not get anything cool or exciting because I got it for mothers day so I was out of luck! but I did have ice cream and cake a few times lets see Friday I just hung out with my hubby with no kids always nice. Then on Saturday ( my birthday ) we got up went to breakfast at " Round the Corner" which I love it has that small town fill to it for those of you who do not know where it is. it is in downtown edmond then off to the farmers market then to some yard sales then we tried to go see kung fu panda but they were sold out we were going to the one on MLK and eastern which if you did not know this because i didnt their childrens and early shows are only 3.50 and adults after 6 are only 5.50 so much cheaper than amc. but beware i was poked in the foot by a spring and Jay ripped a shirt on a screw. they did how ever replace his shirt. we went sunday night late. also on Saturday we went to the bible class party in the summit then to my mothers for cake and ice cream. Sunday after church we went to Jay's Moms for lunch and Ice cream. The girls started baseball and blastball tonight was their first practice's and they will have their first games on Monday and Tuesday. should be fun. Monica had her lets have surgery drs appt yesterday and he said that it will be the last of Aug early sept. the bad news is that she will miss 2 maybe 3 weeks at the first of the school year which is no fun. but she really needs the surgery she has a hard time buttoning her pants which this will help so was that long enough. here is some photos from everything their not as cool as my friend deedee's which Im sad about but i should make it if anyone knows how i can do that color accent thing with a dslr please let me know!!!! oh yeah the father daughter tea party too Thanks for the cool photos Nicole. they were great. and the others are of the brick that my parents bought for the grandkids and put at the zoo the funny thing is that my stepdad used to work at the zoo but is retired now and sometimes works their when they need him so he is the one who put these bricks in. he does all of them when they are ordered.. so now the photos again sorry for the long post its been a few days! okay i cant get them to upload sorry i will try later to upload them!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Birthday

So as this week has gone by I have made the choice that this will be my last birthday I will never be thirty the reason why is I don't want too. so I'm pretty sure if I go to bed on June the 6th and I don't wake up until the 8th that i have missed my birthday their for staying the same age forever! Right?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of school, Memorial Day and the start to summer

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day we just stayed around town with gas prices who can afford anything else? Monica is now a third grader it just makes me so sad.... here are some photos from the last few weeks i think i may have got my camera figured out. and I like it

Friday, May 16, 2008


so the new blog is up if you want to check it out i will not blog their often just to update stuff with Monica and maybe as she gets older she can use it as a release for how she fills about her thumbs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new blog

I have been inspired to start a blog about Monica and her illnesses Last night I got a phone call from my best friend who said that she had seen on news 9 a story about a little girl who had hands like Monica Turns out it was not a story but it was a integris medical minute it gave the little girls name and her mothers name i went strait to myspace and typed it in and found the mother they live here local her and my self spent a sometime on the phone this afternoon and we are going to let the girls meet each other and hopeful they will become friends for years to come.. Keira has some other things going on besides the hypo plastic thumbs but she seams to be a survivor her mother has written a book about her. since the very beginning of all of this with Monica i have wished their was another mother i could talk with for support and a mentor for Monica i can not tell you how excited iam to have the ability to talk with this mother and her child and i hope that i can be a inspiration to her and Monica to her daughter. i will let you know when i get the new blog up i want it to be a place where other mothers can find hope with dealing with this and see just how normal their child's life may end up being

Mothers Day when i remember what a good husband i have

I told Jay that I wanted a new camera for Mothers Day a few weeks ago. so after not speaking all weekend (that's a different story ) i figured that i would be getting nothing for Mothers Day but after making up on Sunday Morning very early or late Saturday which ever Jay got up gave the girls baths made them breakfast and dressed them for church after church we went to his moms for lunch were he made the kids plates then off to my moms after we left my moms he asked if i wanted to go to best buy to get a camera which I love. but after fighting all weekend i fell truly blessed to have such a loving and wonderful husband that i more than should take advantage of. he is a great supporter he does a great job taking care of us it is because of him that i get to stay home with his children. most husbands would have not bought their wives something after she acted like their 3 year old all weekend i guess that's just part of being married! Thanks honey for all you do for me and the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SonShine School and Most embarrassing moment

so most of you who read my blog were their so i guess i don't need to do any explaining but in my defense she does not like pantie hose and i guess i should have left them off of her because that is what she was doing was messing with her pantie hose she does know after are very long talk that you do not show your panties at church and that i was upset with her but the rest of the program was really cute and every ones kids did a great job I'm sad that JaySea will not be with her friends next year but that's okay she will meet back up with them in first grade well she will be with Reagan and Avery but luckily she will see them at church anyway i should get some rest I'm sure i will get a call from the elders tomorrow about appropriate behavior

I dislike storms!!!!

Monica found the hell bouncing very funny!

so anyone who knows me very well at all knows that I'm terrified of storms if Gary is on I'm glued to the TV i grew up on Gary their for i fill that he is the best in the whole wide world he is the God of the weather i think that God calls him up and says hey Gary we have storms coming and this is how it is going down... so if Gary England dies i will be at his funeral! so yesterdays storm came a little to close for my comfort level now that i have children i do have to maintain myself this sometimes is hard to do I'm thankful that Jay was home or it would have been a lot worst we were in are safe area which is our bedroom it is the only room in the house that does not have a massive amount of windows or exterior walls.......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

field trip and soccer party all in one day!!!

today Monica's class took a trip to the zoo we had a lot of fun i did not ride the bus with her made that mistake last year so i picked up Nana and we met them their. once i found her her teacher asked me if i just wanted to check her out so i did then we did not have to stay with the group that was nice we just went at are own pace.. Did you know that we have bears at the okc zoo now Ive always heard that we did i just had never seen them!! so here's the photos from today.