Wednesday, August 20, 2008

back to school

well monica started back to school today.. she liked it she has homework already JaySea was a little sad because she does not start until Sept. 2nd but she gets to go to work with me until the pre k starts so she likes that. i have photos but im to lazy to go to the car to get the camra so i can upload them maybe later. I do love my job i wish it was just a few more hours a week but what ever and i still have not smoked so i m a non smoker now!!!!!!!! photos to come later!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

made it home

well I have made it home I had a wonderful time with my cr family and fill very blessed to have been givin the chance to go. I'm very excited to get back on track and get some new things going if you are ever in southern california you should go to church at saddleback it is a amazing campus.. i start my new job tomorrow and school starts later this week so their will be more photos to come heres a few from the trip....oh and i stopped smoking while i was gone 5 days in now!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


so i will be going to work in a few days (Aug 18th) I'am excited I think right now it is only 3 and a half hours a day (11-2:30) but may turn into more (9-4) I remember when i decided to stay at home it took me forever to adjust to being at home and now i thank God everyday that i dont have to work and right now i dont have to work i just want to as long as it does not take away from church or my children and my weekends. so with both kids in school what else would i be doing with my time? anyways i'm going to try to get some photos up tonight oh yeah Jay won a camera at work it said up to a 300.00$ value so i cant wait to see what that one is i love the one i got for mothers day but i just want one i can put in my purse and go too hopefully it is a cannon so that it will have color accents!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

still alive just busy thats all

lets see well i know its been awhile we had a good vacation Monica was very excited to see Hannah Montana so was JaySea they wasn't as happy as i thought they would be. we have been playing baseball and blast ball this summer it has been fun to see how much the kids improved since the beginning of the season. we have done lots of fun stuff but most of my photos wont upload because they are too large and i don't know how to fix it. Monica will be 8 tomorrow it makes me very sad. i still remember the first time i seen her and that i knew at that moment love at first sight was very real. and what a amazing god we have. I'm ready for school to start sorta JaySea starts Prek this year scary I know she will be 4 soon. so i will be looking for a job if anyone knows of any? (child care center) or (hair salon). I Just need something where i'm home on weekends and off when the kids are home. who knows also Monica will be having surgery on her hand Sept. the 4th and will miss 3 weeks of school right at the beginning this upsets me because back in march he told me to wait until summer so she would not miss any school so i took her in the week school got out and he said that he could not get her in until Sept why did he not just put her down when we were their in march. stupid if you ask me so that should be fun? ill try to upload some photos. its not working man!!! that makes me mad