Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog world oh how i have missed you!!

I have been very lazy in the blog world lately,Trust me I have been stocking all of you guys and keeping up with you all. I find it hard to blog lately not because were not doing fun stuff but because I feel like no one wants to hear it!! Since moving we have done lots of fun things I havent really talked about how im adjusting just the fun things we have been doing. I have not attended CR since i moved here this makes me very sad as I love the program and miss being apart of it. the problem is that i live to far away from one I dont  get off of work untill 6 and by the time i could get the girls picked up and get back it would be over. I miss my friends so bad. my job has been driving me crazy I like it I just have a hard time with my co-worker. some days she is nice  and other days she is just down right nasty!! we havent been going to church very much again because it is 45 min one way... no excusses i know what we should be doing were just being lazy! Jay had applied for a different possition with Napa and we found out today that he did not get it were okay with that we said going into it that if he got it he got it and if not no big deal!! Monica is still hating Florida,, I really dont know how to make it better for her....will she always hate it?? JaySea is just JaySea she goes with the flow!! So that is all the stressful stuff going on with us!!! on a lighter note we spent thanksgiving alone at disney was alot of fun even seen someone from edmond that i knew... none of us had ever been to disney so it was neat to share that moment with my children now if anyone comes to disney we can meet you their that is if you want to see us!! ill get some photos up soon oh yeah were coming to oklahoma for christmas!!!

where is spell check? okay welp sorry about the missed spelled words