Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The HORNETS back in OKC

so when the Hornets left Monica was more than upset i thought we may have to move to New Orleans but i reassured her that we maybe getting are own team called the sonics but we may have to wait awhile this held her over well being that we went at least twice a month while they were here we can not drive by the ford center without her talking about the hornets . jay and i don't even like basketball that much we never watch it on TV or anything but when they came we got some free tickets so we thought it would be fun to go and watch it well now Monica is hooked we found out that the hornets would be here for a preseason game so we got tickets and told Monica that we would be going to the downtown library so here are the photos from last night

Hugo is probably Monica's favorite part of the game so i was glad he was their last night the really tall guy i don't know his name plays for the rockets this is a photo of him sitting on the bench he is like 7'5 we had a really good time we got two t-shirts and Monica and JaySea made it on the big screen twice it was a fun night.


are loving hard working father has built a fort swing set we are so happy if only i would have had it this summer while the kids were driving me crazy but it is here and it is done so here are the photos and i have no idea who's idea it was to put a sand box but i fell as if i have gone to the beach everyday with sand they are tracking in oh well. here are some photos of JaySea and her friends playing on Friday we did not get the sand until Friday afternoon which reminds me if you ever want to buy sand don't buy bags of sand at Lowe's or home depot go to a sand plant we bought a TON ( that's how much we got) for $2.00 at the store you pay $7.00 for a 50lbs sack so their you have it.

Friday, October 5, 2007


some of you may remember back in the winter when it was so cold jay lost his wedding ring i was very upset but not angry. the original ring belonged to my father who passed away in 1997 it was supposed to go to our oldest daughters husband. we just knew he had lost it in the snow. Wednesday i was cleaning out the cabinets the pans just always seam to be pushed to the back and i can never find the lids so i took everything out of the cabinet the shelve paper had gotten pushed to the back so i grabbed it and pulled it out when i did this i herd a noise i looked in the crock pot and guess what was in their. okay the only reason i can think of it in their is he made cookies the night he lost it and maybe it got caught on something and he didn't notice it come off the thing is i cleaned this house from top to bottom and looked places you would not think to look(except the cabinet) the other solution JaySea picked it up and stuck it in their and it just kept getting pushed back. well we bought another ring in Feb. after we decided we were not going to find it. i always sorta felt like it was in this house until June when the house was robbed because i thought it was in my closet somewhere and that was the place the robbers dumbed everything so i had given up hope... sorry to blog so long we are just excited to have it back.... here are the pictures of the rings the top photo is the replacement ring and the bottom one is the one that belonged to my dad you know the replacement ring never meant the same to me so i am very happy he has the original back