Friday, September 24, 2010

Rebecka gets a bob friday

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Friday, September 17, 2010

over a month in 100 words or less

yeah right I don't think I could do less than 100 words if I wanted to....

1- right before Monica's birthday I found head lice in her hair.....i would not wish this on my worst friend....this is a very very hard thing to get rid of.. step on bag or wash everything in your house vacuum all floors spray all beds and chairs treat children's hair when you have 2 kids with more hair than a adult who whine every time you touch it this is a problem....the only place the kids had been to pick up this was DISNEY that's right folks DISNEY Monica is always putting on hats to see how they look.... Or MICKEY EARS as in this case don't do it do you know how many people put those on their heads and don't buy them...

2 school started....Monica loves 5th grade how ever we had some trouble at the first of the year with I forgot my home work oh I didn't bring that book home after 2 days of doing nothing but laying in her bed reading the bible ( her dads idea because as he put it when he killed her he wanted to make sure she knew Jesus). and some money incentive she has been remembering everything she is supposed to the way this works is they are both giving 5 dollars at the beginning of the week if they forget their homework books or a paper that needs to be signed or lie about their work they pay me a dollar at the end of the week the money they have left is theirs to keep. JaySea is loving kindergarten she is very happy that she gets to go this year.

3 i started a new schedule at work I'm working M-F on Monday i work from 10-6 and on Tuesday I work from 10-2:30 on wen I work 10-1:30 (we have early release every Wen) Thur and Friday I work 10-2:30. and I only work one Saturday a month to take care of my clients that cant get in during the week. I love this I'm home with the girls everyday but Monday.

4 yesterday I got a call from the school telling me that I had to come pick up my kids because once again my kids have head lice.... this time I have no idea where they came from Monica did say last week that 3 kids had been sent home with it and being that i work at a kids shop i had heard that it was in our neighborhood and the neighborhood by ours, our school only is zoned for these two neighborhoods...which means it is in the school I know that I have done everything to get rid of it we did go to the doctor to day to get the RX cause I'm tired of spending money on over the counter stuff...but I can tell we have gotten rid of it but rest assured they will be getting at least two more treatments my kids had never had this before and I pray that they never get it again!!! we are having JaySeas birthday party tomorrow more on that next time if you have any ideas on how to get rid of head lice for good please let me know!!!!! at this point I'm about to cut all their hair in to buzz cuts!!