Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gina this ones for you Thursday!!

Okay first random thought Gina no fear my random thoughts will never be as good as your or Summers for that matter...

I have been trying all week to get my things in order to get a cosmetology licence in Florida since I will be working their the cost is killing me first it was $80 then i found out that I had to take a test on HIV/AIDS which was scary but turns out you don't pay for the test until you pass well I passed the first time with a 90 so that cost another $55 and now I have to go to the Oklahoma Board of cosmetology and pay another $10 to get copies of my test and a certification of my licence.... so that is a cost of $ 145.00 geezer.

I'm excited for JaySea to go to school ALL-DAY next year so that I can work again the extra income will be nice.... (I'm a little worried that they will not take her birth certificate)

the reason I'm worried about this is because I have folded it ever so carefully over her date of birth so that it you cant see what it says!! and I have been teaching her that her birthday is September 2nd.. I believe that we had a sermon on this Gray matter....
yesterday I spent $80 on my self I got 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts a pack of socks and a pair a shoes this is the first time i have done this in a long time (it felt good) well now its off to work have a very random day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Driving home Saturday....

so we are on the way home I'm sitting in the car bored!!! while i ride! we just spent 45 min in traffic in Atlanta not so fun... we left this morning at 7:00 am Oklahoma time (we were supposed to leave at 4 am but somebody (not going to name any names but it was not me) turned the alarm off... so we were late now it will be 3am when we get home so much for church... we are moving to Florida for sure we like it their the school is Great and they have all day kindergarten (yes) so with that i think i might go back to work full time why not they will be in school all day so what else would i do while they were at school.. I have not smoked any cigarettes in 15 days now and don't plan to start back up the price is crazy i refuse to pay that for them they are over 5$ a pack now i stopped back in the summer and started back up but only because i wanted to this time i don't want too.. on every Saturday i make jay give me 40$ which is the amount of money i would have spent on cigarettes for the week and i get to spend it on what ever i want too. Last week i got a pedicure.. and if I don't smoke all the way until my birthday I think I will get a tattoo.. JaySea learned how to swim while we were gone she does pretty good i cant post photos right now because I'm not sure where the camera is some where in this car maybe ill look for it whenever Jay Stops to get gas I have to pee I really hope it is soon i told him 2 hours ago i needed to stop and Monica does also. what is it with men they think the car should only stop if it needs gas. What????? that's only 3 stops one every 400 miles. I don't know about you but i cant hold it for 4 hundred miles!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Facts Friday

okay here's a couple of freaky facts about things in my life that Freak me out...

Spiders are gross this is one reason i will never be go to the desert.

I'm also scared of turning 30 in a few months... when i was little i would tell my mother when she was 30 i was putting her in a nursing home... ( their is the same amount of years between me and Monica as me and my mother)

next I'm deathly afraid of heights... much more than a foot off of the ground i start to freak out I love roller coasters as long as i don't have to wait along time in line up high. and i keep my eyes closed the whole time. when jay asked me to be his girl friend we were on the Ferris wheel and i was sitting in the floor with my legs and arms wrapped around a pole because i can not do Ferris wheels....

Last I can not stand to be alone, hate to do things alone anything that means i have to be alone scares me not so bad during the day but at night it is almost imposable.

okay that's the Freaky Facts about me lets here some freaky facts about you!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday (yes im copying others) :)

0001. it is 75 degrees today
2. we are going to watch dog racing (should be interesting)
3. we went and played putt putt last night.
4. they have dairy queens here ( and i have had way to many blizzards this week)
5. we are moving this summer.
6. im excited to make the move.
7. but also a little worried.
8. i think ill go to the beach later
9. iam ready to come home (only because Jays brother is their and has been in Afghanistan since June)
10. this was fun i may do it again and Gina i like the food Friday to!

PS i still can not get the spaceship photos to load!!!! so upsetting

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Its offical..... we will be moving!!!

some of you know and some of you dont know but Jay and the Girls and I have been in Florida looking at churches ,Schools, Jobs ,and of course homes... everything seams to be pointing for us to move here.. we found a great church with lots of ways to serve the Lord, The Schools that we have looked at have been amazing...( we have talked with a friend who used to live here who says the public schools here are better than cassady in okc) all of the schools also have all-day k which JaySea could go to... which means i would go back to work during the day!!! Jays job is not a problem he will just transfer with Napa .. so it is offical we will be moving to Florida when school is out ( the first of June) now we are keeping are house in Oklahoma so we will be renting it out if you know anyone who is looking for a house.. let me know i know it is hard to pray for friends when you dont want them to go but please pray that we are following Gods will for are lives... that he will take care of everything.. also pray for are families that they will understand why we are going...

Monday, March 16, 2009


Jay and I are in Florida looking for a house and things we found out last night that they would be sending the spaceship discovery to the space center we talked about going to titusville which is where the NASA center is but it is 2 hours from where we are.. and a few years ago we were here on the 4th of July and on are way to key west when they sent one up we did not go to that one but pulled off of the road and was able to see a smoke trail... after talking about it we came to the conclusion that we would not make it in time so that we would just watch from the beach were we were. we were both pleased with what we saw and will try to make it to one from a closer view point.. here are a few photos okay i can never get the photos to work when i want them too.. ill try again tomorrow if you just cant wait they are on facebook go look their!