Monday, February 11, 2008

last few days

well what all have we been up to.... the girls started swimming lessons they like it pretty good. Are bird passed away this past Thursday JaySea was very upset Monica did okay with it JaySea could not understand how he could be in Heaven if we put him in a box.. the rest are just some random photos i have that i think are cute monica with some bed head and jaysea being cute oh and some of the husband i never post any of him.....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Girls Night Out

okay so i thought that i had done something to win mommy of the year......I got tickets like a month ago to go and see the Hannah Montana 3d movie and i got her 2 girl cousins and their mothers to go with us thinking that they would all be so excited so we get to the movies and do you know what Monica said to me " I don't want to see Hannah Montana". she was just dying to see it just last week. they change the minds so quick who knew well we had a good time anyways and once inside she was dancing and singing along ( I'm pretty sure she thinks she is Hannah Montana) anyways heres some photos of us in are funny 3d glasses