Saturday, May 29, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

Jays and My Neice came to visit and we did some fun stuff we took her to disney for her first time...well she had been to disneyland just not disney world. we also took a trip to dc. we had a great time and even went to the beach one day. my mom and dad are coming to town for my birthday in just a few days. Im taking my mom to North Carolina to see my step dads family because the only time that my mom has met them was at my dads funeral. and I have only met them one other time however since living in Florida I have reconected with them on facebook. My new step dad is also from Augusta Ga and we will also travel up to see his family. work has been going a little better but is offten stressful at time. Some days I want to quit and stay home with my children. When my mom goes back to oklahoma she is taking the girls with her they will be their for 4 weeks. Im not sure what i will do with my self with out them. I know that they will have fun and be in good hands but still what will I do. JaySea has dropped out of pre-k and I let it happen everyday has been a fight with her she hates to go which makes me wonder what goes on their because she has always loved school and has never been a problem. but the other day I told her you have to so that you can graduate and she told me " MOM IAM NOT WEARING THAT DRESS OR THAT STUPID HAT" well thats just great i paid 30 dollars for that stupid dress and hat!! here are some photos of our trip.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

confessions of a mother

this will more than likely be rambling...but here it goes.. If I showed up at your house with out calling what would your home look like? Most of the time our home looks as if a bomb has gone off. not that it is nasty dirty it is just not as clean as say someone who has ocd... I clean the house on my day off which is on Mondays the rest of the week the house is just picked at. on Mondays I vacuum dust clean bathrooms sweep and mop. do all the laundry and put it away. the rest of the week I get up get everyone ready for work school we leave we come home i make dinner (sometimes) then the kids go to bed Jay and I watch a movie. during the week I do load the dishwasher and run it ( their is not always a lot of dishes depending on what we have eatin) we use paper plates and bowls! ALOT. and the trash is picked up but I dont do laundry or any of the real house cleaning things!! so what do you do everyday for house cleaning?

the other thing I wanted to get off of my chest is about my niece... She is 18 and is getting married tomorrow I cant go into alot of detail about this as some of you know my mother in law and  my family reads my blog. I just wish their was something to do about this I know that she is 18 and know body can tell her what to do but I know that this is not the right thing to do she is marrying a 19 year old boy who doesnt even have a job i dont think she has a ring im just upset about this and am asking for prayers for her and him and Divine intervention.

3rd and one a happier note I had a great mothers day...we are still looking for a church home but we got up this morning and went to a church here that I think we can both agree on.. they have a great children's ministry celebrate Recovery, they serve Communion and believe in baptism it is not the one i talked about before Jay didn't like that one.. but he liked this one if you want to check it out. then we went to TGI FRIDAYS for lunch and have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE  the Jack Daniels sauce that they put on their rips and steak? IT IS THE BEST... then we came home and I had a mothers day nap after my nap we went to the pool. then when the girls where about to go to bed they brought me a package from VICTORIA is a kind that I wanted for awhile but I still had some so I was waiting until i was out of it. now i have worn this kind for years all most 9.
Yesterday when I came in from work I asked JaySea if they had gotten me anything for mothers day she said "Yes we went to the bra store and got you some perfume" I know that is cheating but I hate not knowing and Jay always tells me he didnt get me anything. I had looked in the van and didnt see anything so I believed him so I had to ask the informant the new kind is called little sexy things and I love it!! hope you all had a great mothers day!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom photo or in this case Jay's Grandma

SHE IS SO FUN she knows a lot she is a GREAT cook. I cant tell you how old she is or I will be killed!! if you need to know how to cook quilt or sew shes your gal. And if your looking if away to scare off pirates she will be their for you. head over to mandys page to leave your photo of your mom or grandma

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random thoughts thursday

This is the crap I caught when we went fishing off of the peir with Jays Grandma I was the only on who caught anything and the girls where upset we were not going to bring it home and cook it!!
IS IT SUMMER YET always around this time of year i start getting ready for my kids to be out of school... i don't know why however my kids have to go until June the 9th....speaking of June the 9th a few days before that I will have a birthday it seams just like yesterday I turned 30 now I'm already going to be 31 yikes!! Also this month marks ONE year since we left Oklahoma....WOW does it feel like that long to you guys? I feel like we just got here their is still so much to see and do. We went last weekend up to Fernandina beach to the shrimp festival it was okay i don't eat shrimp so I was not as excited as Jay and the Girls were. I still HAVE NOT been to the beach since it warmed back up the kids and Jay have but I have not that is not okay that is why I moved here!!! On Tuesday our niece is coming she will be here for 10 days!!! while she is here we are taking her to DISNEY i don't think she has ever been I will have to go this time :( which is okay i just need to find some Valium... J/K. we are also going to take a trip up to Washington DC. that should be fun. Then the first of June my mom and Step-Dad are driving out. The plan is for them to bring Monica and JaySea Back to  Oklahoma with them for 3 weeks...YIKES I don't know if I can make it that long with out my girls. but I know that they will be in good hands. I'm not sure how I'm going to get them back from that trip... I may just have the in laws meet me half way with them that's only a 9 hour drive like that then we can stay the night in a hotel room and come home the next day. AM ready to come to visit everyone I just don't think i can work it out with my Job for this summer so it will more than likely be Christmas before Jay or I come to Oklahoma... but if any of you are coming out this way you are more than welcome to stay with Jay and I. or we can come down to Disney to see you. just let us know. well I guess Ill go make dinner oh yeah pray for JaySea she is sick she keeps getting this thing they tell me is allergies and this time they said she has a sinus infection because of her allergies so just pray that they are giving her the right treatment and that she heals more Random thought I would like to take some photography classes does anyone know where one might do that????