Sunday, June 14, 2009

life is one big vacation in Florida!!!

well we left on friday night and went to Orlando, the plan was to stay the night at a hotel get up at 5 be gone by 5:30 to the space center to watch a launch at 7:17am.... well we got up and everyone was almost ready monica was dressed jay was dressed and i was almost dressed about to wake up JaySea when Jay flipped on the Tv and across the bottom of the screen, Launch cancelled due to a gas leak..... oh well now we wait for it to be fixed and try again if they launch on a weekend.... if not oh well so we went back to bed. then we got up and spent the day at universal studios..... then we went back today it was fun. Living in a vacation destination has its perks!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

YIKES IM 30!!!!!!!!!!

this past week has been good all family and friends left on wend. and we spent our first night alone in our new house!!!! we LOVE florida their is so much to do here... thursday the girls and I had lunch with Jay went to the library and got a card Jayse is old enough to have her own now she was so proud!!! friday we went to a place down on Jax beach that has family movies night every friday in the summer.... very nice they had sand bottles facepainting and moon bounces all for free VERY COOL, saturday Jay had to work he will be on a rotation for weekends for a little while.. so the Girls and I went to MOSH museum of science and history which is like the omniplex but smaller.... then Saturday night Jay took me shopping for my birthday at kohls my new fav. to shop at!!!! Sunday I TURNED 30 which i guess is not so bad. the girls got me some cute statues for the yard love them then the girls and I went to church they promoted the kids to their new grades which I had not remembered but JaySea would not have gone to mrs. mcbrides class had we stayed at MRCC because she is going to K next year not pre-k so she would have skipped ahead of her friends this year which would have been strange after Jay got home we went to get me some purfume and then to dinner.... tonight I went to a new CR program and I like it they have not been going for two long... I am thinking about talking to the minster were we are going to church about preaching the sermon series..... Ill keep you posted... I have some more photos but its getting late tonight so ill post them later..... LEAVE COMMENTS OR I WILL DISOWN YOU AS MY FRIENDS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more photos!!

Todays beach play with friends from north carliona!!!


Living room

Entry way

monicas room

Jayseas room

guest bathroom

I tried toget Jays dad to go in hooters so i could take his photo with a girl but he wouldnt do it...and please dont be a victim to unlicensed cosmetology!!!

these are from the weekend we went downtown jacksonville to a sail boat show thing....

These are the First day we went to the beach so this will be the summer before photos.....

well I have my first florida sunburn.... its not so cool ill have to make sure i use sunscreen from now on.... I also was thinking i should change my background to something beachy.... but cant remeber how right now! things are kind slowing down alittle i have most of the house put together... here is some photos of the last few days and the house.... miss you all having a blast.