Monday, August 24, 2009



I used to be so little, but not anymore.

Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.

I'm going to Kindergarten it's the first time for me.

Its great to be big but im scared as can be.

Im thinking that maybe just maybe ill cry.

when Mom leaves the school and Im there alone

Im thinking that maybe ill want to go home.

but wait Mommy said ill play lots of games

and meet lots of friends i can learn all their names

the first day of kindergarten oh theres so much to do

theres painting and books and a big playground too

I used to be little but not anymore

tomorrow ill get up and walk out the door

im going to kindergarten its my first day you see

its great to be big im so glad that im me.

auathor unknown.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


IT HAS BEEN AWHILE SINCE I HAD RANDOM THOUGHTS THURSDAY...AND EVEN LONGER SINCE I HAVE BLOGGED ANYTHING WORTH WHILE....BUT TODAY I HAD A BAD DAY AT WORK SO THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS....I HATE GIRLS......THE REASON THAT I HATE GIRLS IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE ISSUES WE ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANY MORE STOP ACTING LIKE IT...I'M 30 YEARS OLD I HAVE NO ROOM FOR YOUR DRAMA. okay now that i have vented i will go into more detail... I have a new job its great i love it the customers are great i love them I love the owner and her aunt that runs the location here they are the best....however i was not supposed to start work in till school started but decided since this is one of the busiest times of the year and i had found a sitter i would go a head and start. since starting the other stylist has been okay up until this week Tuesday she did not show up to work she called and said that she could not find her keys....(okay that means to me you will be in as soon as you find them) she never called back or showed up I cut hair from 10-6 with not so much as a potty break. then yesterday she was over 2 hours late she was at the beauty supply place. then today she called at 10 to say that she was going to court (more about this later) but why did she not say anything yesterday about not coming in??? so the lady who runs the shop thought she would have 2 stylist today well that did not happen until after 12:30 so I was double booked all she told Barb that I'm trying to steal her customers because i talk to them WHAT???? I'm just being friendly that's just me I'm sorry I'm not going to walk pass someone who's just sitting their not doing anything and not speak to them... then their was a cut that came in that she took (when it was my turn) i did not say anything but Barb did. then I thought her and Barb was going to hit each other. (keep in mind the customer was right their)...when she first came in today she looked at me and said you know me and you are going to fight about my parking spot that i park in everyday. ( I thought to myself really maybe if you came to work on time or ever you could park where you want!!!) so the court thing is that her 18 year old son was shot in April by his half brother who was playing with a gun... and they have pressed charges on him and I'm really sorry for her to have to go though this pain... but apparently she had a lot of drama before this happened. Barb said that she has had days where she has not even had a my question is way has she not been fired???? sorry i just had to vent!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


see the post below for the story... having a hard time with this stupid thing today

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I started my job today..(well I have worked a few days to feel in) but today was the offical start day. Have I mentioned that I LOVE IT. It is by far the best place I have ever worked...their is only one other stylist that works their so their is not a lot of Drama that comes along with hairdessers!!! so that is fantastic I still love Florida...The school that the Girls will go to is the best I had no idea how great it would be... I took them to enrollment on Monday and was unsure if JaySea was going to be able to start kindergarten or not if you remeber I had rubbed her birthcertificate so that you could not see her date of birth but chickened out before I got their and just told the truth. My mother always told me to tell the truth that it would keep you out of trouble... I just well have told the lady that JaySeas birthday was the 1st of september they were like well do you want her in kindergarten and i said yeah she has already had pre-k and they said sure NO PROBLEM!!! what no let me repeat myself her birthday is September 2nd 2004 are you sure their is not a problem. yeah no problem. So JaySea started kindergarten camp yesterday she loves it and the teachers say she is doing great..Also we have a babysitter who lives just down the street and turns out she is best friends with the lady that is going to be Jayseas Teacher... Monica turned 9 last week i still cant belive that my baby is 9 man I feel old...well the topic of tonights post today before I left for work i placed a roast in the oven complete with potatoes and carrots I had it all planed out I thought about it allday (sure hope the oven came on when it was supposed to) well I came home to a wonderful smell of roast cooking in the oven their was 25 min left I was talking to Jay on the phone said that it was almost done he said great Ill be home in about that time. so i did not ever check it well maybe I should have this is what it looked like when I got home

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


that's right I am now once again a working mother... You have no idea how much the excites me (judge away anonymous truth bloggers)!!! it is not that I do not love my girls and spending time with me because I do....but I have been both a working mother and a stay at home mother... and I like to work....(more spending money for me :0) ) anyways with that being said I now work for Doodle Doos... a children's salon their is 2 locations one here in St. Augustine and one in New York but they Sale children's toys and books and have lots of fun things to do while you get your haircut I will have to take some photos and put on here for you guys.... more photos of the house and Salon to come we have a BUSY next few days!!!!