Monday, June 28, 2010


so a few weeks ago we were at disney blizzard beach and this girl had her camera in the wave pool... Jay thought she just didnt know that the wave was so I went over and was talking to her about it after the wave had passed turns out that it is waterproof so I thought thats cool I want one for the beach and the water park so it came in the mail kids are not home for me to try it out on them so I just had to play with it in the sink...
JaySea cut her hair today my mom says its not that bad this scares me cause my mom would say that so i wouldnt freak out!! and I leave in three days to go here...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Month

shark I caught fishing on the peir!!!

me on my birthday!!!

monicas bass she caught fishing with her grandpa at the pond by our house.

My mom at the North Carolina sign.

Me and My Dads Brother and Sister their is 2 other sisters but one had already left and the other was in ICU. hopefully she will be better next time!!

the fish JaySea caught at the pond!!!

we have had alot going on and with alot of family in town... here are some photos of everything that has been going on... in 9 days im going to Mexico with my hubby cant wait!!!