Thursday, February 18, 2010


well the kids are still saying pretty funny stuff around the shop...One day last week a little boy who wasnt getting his hair cut was in with his sister and as they were leaving he says "Mom guess what I LOVE THIS PLACE". that is always nice to hear as most of the kids dont like to get haircuts....Little boy today...One child is getting haircut watching Ice Age and it is to the part where the baby is crying so the little boy Loudly Says " The baby is crying" he is not going to get a lolliepop!!! to cute. we went to Disney this weekend and got kicked out of a RAMADA!!! it is a very long story so I dont know that i can type it all out...

were getting a new car... im excited to be out of  a mini van I do like car but something with better gas mileage will be great.....

JaySea lost her second tooth this month

everyone I know is pregant right now including my 36 year old cousin who has a 15 and 13 year old she was completely shocked..glad I have my tubes tied...well most days somedays I wish I hadnt done it but thats another story..

Monica grades are doing better she is also becoming happier in florida AMEN!!

well your all caught up... if you read this leave a comment im starting to fell unloved

oh yeah I quit smoking again not real proud of myself yet as I have made it this long before tomorrow will be day 21!

( I got my Dslr back today Im so happy it is FIXED!! I sent it last Wen.. and got it back today)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm not sorry that I have missed out on  all the snow that you guys are getting in Oklahoma!! We have a 4 Day weekend coming up this weekend and Jay the girls and I are going to go to disney again I have to go this time dont get me wrong I like going Jay just wants to go all the time.. He did some painting to day on the house and were going to get some wood floors installed soon but I will take some photos soon of the house with the new paint which reminds me that I need to send my Camera off tomorrow to get fixed I also am taking my Cat to get her declawed I know it is not nice and Im only doing the front ones I called around and most places told me that is was over 400$ someone did tell me to check with a place her in town know for low cost vet they said that it is only 50$ Im a little scared but they have good reviews online so I guess we will see? Im considering starting a blog of random things said  by kids while im cutting their hair they are so cute and funny...this week alone I had a little boy  and this is how are conversation went...
me: Ask your Mom how your Haircut looks!
Boy: Mom how does my hair look.
Mom: I think it looks great.
Boy: Did you hear that?
Me: Yeah But what do you think of your hair?
Boy: I think it looks FABULOUS!

he was around 3. then on saturday I was cutting a little boys hair he was around 2 and doesnt like to get his haircut so it was a little bit of a struggle the funny thing is he will let me do it he just protest to having it done (crying whinning but for the most part he will sit their) as I was finshing up his haircut I placed him in for lack of a better word a head im trimming he loudly states "OH GOD HELP ME"

it had to be the funniest thing that I have heard in a long time!
another family I love is this family go to the blog and leave them a encouraging message they have all over come so much I love this girl and just want to hold her forever when she comes in!