Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Now Bring You Your Regular Blog Update.....

the new house.

My Sister And Little Cousins.

My cousin and her new hubby!!

JaySea as the flower Girl!!

this is my new haircut!!

As most of you know I was in Oklahoma this past week. Not enjoying your HEAT... good greif and someone said Florida was HOT. I spent alot of time CLEANNING my house to get it ready to rent. sometime visiting with Friends and family. I was so glad to get to be a part of missions Sunday.... it was amazing! we came home for a wedding that JaySea was a flower Girl for and she looked beauitiful if i do say so my self!!! so back in florida we are Moving AGAIN!!! but I really love the new house it is in a wonderful neighborhood with GREAT schools... I will be going back to work when school starts im excited about that too!! Im a little sad I did not get to spend as much time at CR as I wanted to.... But did enjoy my latenight Starbucks outtings!! we will be home again in October for another wedding...that Jay is the Groomsman for. (whats with all the people getting married after we move) so untill then I will see you all on the blog... Must get back to packing

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