Wednesday, October 13, 2010


sometimes life goes by so fast I forget to take in the small things in life....but when I set back and think about it all I'm so very very blessed.... Jay has a temporary position at his job this news came at a bad time for us I had just cut my hours at work and it also meant that he would be making less. however we know it is only temporary. and will return to the other way come the first of the year. Monica is loving school this year!! (Thank You Lord)!!! she is making A's and B's (has one d in math 68.??) this school is really really hard or maybe it is just school these days. but she is doing math that I did in high school. Edmond is one of the best school districts in Oklahoma but the school we are at here in Florida Is in the top 3 in the whole state of Florida I read somewhere the other day that Edmond is talking about getting Smart boards this school has had them for 3 years. I'm not trying to brag on the school I'm just in shock how far behind Oklahoma seams to be in the education area!!! Anyway JaySea is reading and writing I'm amazed at how fast this takes off once it is started!!! they also tested her speech and she is going to start speech tomorrow she will go 2 times a week for 15min each time so just some advice if you think your children missaying words is cute don't encourage it.... or they will want to put them in speech when they go to school!! My work is going good I do love my job even more so since I'm only working part time!!! I work Tuesday - Friday I'm off everyday by 2:30 it is great. since I have moved to Florida I have lost 20 lbs!! but my pants don't fit any better!! I want to lose another 30 hopefully!! My in laws are coming out here next week then we are taking a Cruise to the Bahamas so excited. I'm so ready to come to Oklahoma to see everyone when I come in December it will have been a much of this is repeated? remember we have plenty of room so if you come to Florida please let us know we would love to see you!!!


Kayla said...

Glad you are loving life!!

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

OCS has had smart boards for a good while. They are amazing for the kids - they are so versatile in being able to teach AND watch the kids to see if they "get" it and such.

I have been lobbying John to have one for homeschool ;)

So miss you guys....even Jay when he would "poke" me politically. Yall are just missed!