Sunday, February 22, 2009


Friends I just had to Blog about how great our God is! you have no idea what to plan for in a program like this and you often think what if no one shows up we have spent the last few months Praying for God to send us the teens for this program and that they would fill okay about coming and sharing there hurts with us, we have asked the parents to trust us and not question their Teens if they asked to come , and we have prayed to have enough leaders to handle the teen load.. I have been AMAZED at Gods power today it has been a wonderful encouraging day we had 39 teens show up that's right 39 tonight when you say your prayers please thank God for each and everyone of those teens ( he knows who they are) and a Church that is open to supporting a program like this!! their are a few Teens I know who tried to come today and Satan won the battle in keeping them away in some form or fashion but, please keep them in your prayers too, because OUR GOD IS MUCH BIGGER THAN SATAN!! if you know a teen who would benefit from this program please let me know and i would be happy to share more about the program! or you can email me for my cell!!

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Chellie said...

39... That's awesome!!