Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I started my job today..(well I have worked a few days to feel in) but today was the offical start day. Have I mentioned that I LOVE IT. It is by far the best place I have ever worked...their is only one other stylist that works their so their is not a lot of Drama that comes along with hairdessers!!! so that is fantastic I still love Florida...The school that the Girls will go to is the best I had no idea how great it would be... I took them to enrollment on Monday and was unsure if JaySea was going to be able to start kindergarten or not if you remeber I had rubbed her birthcertificate so that you could not see her date of birth but chickened out before I got their and just told the truth. My mother always told me to tell the truth that it would keep you out of trouble... I just well have told the lady that JaySeas birthday was the 1st of september they were like well do you want her in kindergarten and i said yeah she has already had pre-k and they said sure NO PROBLEM!!! what no let me repeat myself her birthday is September 2nd 2004 are you sure their is not a problem. yeah no problem. So JaySea started kindergarten camp yesterday she loves it and the teachers say she is doing great..Also we have a babysitter who lives just down the street and turns out she is best friends with the lady that is going to be Jayseas Teacher... Monica turned 9 last week i still cant belive that my baby is 9 man I feel old...well the topic of tonights post today before I left for work i placed a roast in the oven complete with potatoes and carrots I had it all planed out I thought about it allday (sure hope the oven came on when it was supposed to) well I came home to a wonderful smell of roast cooking in the oven their was 25 min left I was talking to Jay on the phone said that it was almost done he said great Ill be home in about that time. so i did not ever check it well maybe I should have this is what it looked like when I got home

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Heather said...

So happy to hear you are enoying your 'new' life in Florida! We miss you here--but I love keeping up with you on your blog!