Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday (yes im copying others) :)

0001. it is 75 degrees today
2. we are going to watch dog racing (should be interesting)
3. we went and played putt putt last night.
4. they have dairy queens here ( and i have had way to many blizzards this week)
5. we are moving this summer.
6. im excited to make the move.
7. but also a little worried.
8. i think ill go to the beach later
9. iam ready to come home (only because Jays brother is their and has been in Afghanistan since June)
10. this was fun i may do it again and Gina i like the food Friday to!

PS i still can not get the spaceship photos to load!!!! so upsetting

1 comment:

Gena said...

Definitely do it again. I love random. I'm sorry you guys will be moving to Florida. I always love having friends in other states, though. More reason to visit.....